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No Ordinary Gamers is an organization dedicated to demoing and introducing new games to people across the Carolinas.  As an organization we are dedicated to community; specifically the gaming community.  We want to support local gaming stores and conventions, encourage local game developers and the hobby in general by supporting popular games as well as new and more obscure games!

We founded this organization on the idea of doing more than volunteering as part of one or two company's demo teams, to really become part of the community ourselves by offering our time, our efforts and our encouragement.  

Our goal is to be more than just Game Masters or Demo personnel, but to be part of the gaming community, encouraging people to discover new games, to connect players of different interests and help out smaller gaming companies as well.

There are No Ordinary Gamers, every one of us has something different and unique to bring to the table when we come together!

Meet Our Minions

James Doster

Name: James Doster (Founder)

Codename: Elder Godfather

Favorite Game: Chez Geek

Games of Expertise: Munchkin, Flux, Chez Geek, and Let's Kill

Crystal Doster

Name: Crystal Doster (Founder)

Codename: Art Goddess

Favorite Game: Burn In Hell

Games of Expertise: Munchkin, Flux, and Seven Dragons

Robert Hartsell

Name: Robert Hartsell (Founder)

Codename: The Motivator

Favorite Game: Pretty Pretty Dress Up

Games of Expertise: Any thing you put in front of him.

Coleen Briggs

Name: Coleen Briggs

Codename: Henchman #1

Favorite Game: Once Upon A Time

Games of Expertise: Gloom, Munchkin, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, and Revolution

Picture Comming Soon

Name: Todd Holiman

Codename: Minion Commander

Favorite Game: Hull Breach

Games of Expertise: Hull Breach, Fluxx, Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice

Picture Comming Soon

Name:Lynn Holiman

Codename: Mother of Minions

Favorite Game: Hull Breach

Games of Expertise: Hull Breach, Fluxx, Zpocalypse, Ninja Dice

Name: Damien Morand

Codename: The Clown Minion

Favorite Game: Rook

Games of Expertise:  Munchkin Card Game all sets, Castellan, Spooks, Burn in Hell, Zombie Dice, Dino Hunt Dice, Cthulhu Dice, Munchkin Treasure Hunt, Ninja Burger, Mars Attacks, Atlas: Mad Scientist University, Once Upon a Time, Gloom. AEG: Love Letter, Nightfall, Smash-Up